Driving a welded daily is really not a big deal. They do wear them down, but only ever so slightly. I do not recommend this, but the way you drive is up to you. Several types of diff are available for different types of driving. Find More Posts by slower than you. Retrieved from ” https:

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Nissan 240SX Performance Modification/Differential

It’s fun but can get expensive with tires. Originally Posted by water.

This will increase tire wear in normal use, but if you really care about tire wear over performance, you wouldn’t be welding a differential. That I think caused more difg the diff. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater.

Sounds like a breaking sound but it’s just the drivetrain getting loaded The S15 dialy has gears that are cut in a fashion that when the car is turning the gears mesh together and transfer power to the tire with more traction.

Sign in or register. If you know how to drive and are careful in the rain you won’t have any problems. What’s heavier a pound of iron or a pound of feathers??


Got a great deal on them. Lol, this is true as well. Takes some time to get use to, but then it just becomes fun, i love it when it rains But at the time I had really bad blown out suspension.

Not gonna lie, my first thought when seeing you were the last post was “Shit Find More Posts by gotta Page 1 of 3. Originally Posted by J-Style.

Find More Posts by steve shadows. When a differential is welded, the axels are almost strung together and both wheels will rotate the same revolutions as each other. Your car may be a rust bucket drift missile, but the combination of the noise from the weldd hop and your eBay stainless steel exhaust is sure to attract some attention from people nearby.

My friend has a regular lS v rear end and kept spinning daipy and sliding on a 90 degree corner at MPH After we welded it he hit it at 80 with no problem Its according to your drive style. This means everything from the clutch all the way back to the axels, and even sometimes the wheel bearings.


LA vaily OC Posts: For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. The rain you have to be really careful you will basically drift every corner you come too.

I do not recommend this, but the way you drive is up to you. Its perfect if you aren’t a pussy.

Readers Reviews: Daily Driving a Welded Differential

The worst is in parking lots, as tricky tight maneuvers are needed to squeeze in and out of parking spaces. Car parks have moved up to Public Enemy 1 on your list. It will make your car handle alot different. What I could do now is tell you that a welded differential can be dangerous, and will wear the tires quickly. Find More Posts by Sean Find More Posts by J-Style. I hears it will be very easy to drift with.