The measured maximum brightness was Do not expose the battery to moisture or rain. To register, follow the steps below: The memory cover is secured with 3 screws. The audio ports are at the front side. The touchpad is a pressure sensitive device that requires proper care to avoid damage.

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Do not use cleaners containing alcohol or acetone. Print Prints the selected images. Turn your Joybook upside down and put it on a soft clean cloth. After your Joybook is connected to a Bluetooth device, right-click the Bluetooth icon in the notification area to display the pop-up box, and then select Send a File. Despite that it allows the user to steer the cursor over the screen in a fast and satisfyingly precise manner.

The status is indicated by the onscreen display. Alternatively, you can also press the QShot button to capture a still image. For details about the RF socket, refer to “Rear view” on page Joyboo, connect to the Internet with the built-in network interface on Joybook?

It is a small and light notebook, so, you can easily tell that the intended focus group are business travelers. If any of the items are missing or appear joybooo, contact your dealer immediately. Inside the cover, you can find the memory slot of Joybook.


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It must be set before User Password can be set. The hingeson the other hand, work flawlessly. Make sure that the AC adapter is correctly inserted into the power socket of Joybook and a working electrical socket, and allow the battery to begin charging.

CD or DVD does not function. johbook

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The example shown above is specifically for connecting to a mobile joybok. This function is only available when the TV channel is broadcasting the Teletext data. Please follow the instructions below joybolk resolve the problem: The hard drive is rather quiet too. This equipment is alright for office and internet applications, but playing games with high 3D demands is not well possible. These are the left edge of the base unit and the front left corner of the top side.

What are the differences between the Joybook and traditional notebooks? Shuts down your Joybook. When movement is detected, recording begins automatically.

Connecting to a Bluetooth device 1. s311ve

BenQ Joybook S31VE User Guide |

For example, enhanced 3D processing power for gaming and movie viewing. Memory cover For details about the limit of maximum memory, refer to the product information from http: In general BenQ laptops have displays of good qualitybut, in this special case we have some objections. The captured image file will be saved to a QShot folder.


On the Monitor screen, click Monitor Settings to view and modify your settings first. The recorded video logs will be stored in Log Albums. Puts Joybook into sleep mode.

FAQ and troubleshooting 43 1. One of them, called QShot, provides the user with the possibility to make screenshots even during movie playback. At this moment, the voltage difference detected by Joybook is very small, so it will reduce the charging current to prevent overcharging the battery with excess current or voltage, which will damage the battery.

Switches to Digital S31vs.